Feb 04, 2017 11 00 AM EST
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Happy Couples Fight Fair: Finding Love Through Conflict

Couples Fight School invites couples to a 4 hr live event hosted from Charlotte, NC where we share how to Fight Fair and Find Love. Join Us.

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Happy Couples Fight Fair: Finding Love Through Conflict

The pressure, despair and sheer confusion regarding fighting with your partner can be overwhelming. Some couples avoid fighting altogether while others fight like cats and dogs. Is there a balance? Can couples learn from their fights and build true intimacy? Yes, they can!  The key is to fight fair. Check out the review below our last event.   

At this event Carlos Todd, PhD and Natasha Pemberton-Todd, LPC, LPCS conflict management specialists will reveal the truth behind why couples fight and how fighting fair CAN help to build intimacy.   


This event will be a mixture of real world experiences, science and fun activities.

Participants will learn: 

  1. Why couples NEED to fight

  2. The kind of fights that destroys relationships

  3. Their fight style

  4. Why divorce or separation alone WILL NOT stop the fighting

  5. The four clues that your fight will eventually lead to divorce or separation

  6. How to recover when the fighting is already really bad

Who should Attend:

This event is open to engaged, married and those who want to get and stay married. Child care will be provided. It could save your marriage.  Register Today. Space is extremely limited.

More about the event:
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